The Electronic Cigarette

The electronic cigarette industry has the potential to achieve what no other industry can: a smoke free world. E cigarettes can improve the lives of thousands of smokers by eliminating the harmful chemicals that are associated with traditional tobacco and clear the air for the non smoking public by ending the threat of second and third hand smoke.. E cigarettes are a revolutionary alternative to smoking that gives a user the look, taste and feel of smoking a “real” cigarette.

Electronic cigarettes are comprised of three basic parts: a battery, an atomizer and a cartridge. They contain a mixture of liquid that includes nicotine (for the most part), flavoring and a base (propylene glycol in most e cigarettes). This liquid is heated and “vaporized” by the atomizer, which produces a water vapor that simulates “smoke.”

The three part system has been the industry standard for electronic cigarettes and it requires the consumer to put together all three pieces, often times after filling the cartridge themselves with liquid nicotine for in a bottle, or “e juice.” In a three piece e cig, the battery and the atomizer are designed to be used for an extended period of time. This has the potential to be harmful (see nickel netting). A more technologically advanced option, the integrated atomizer, is available and is a much more satisfying alternative. Unfortunately, many electronic cigarette companies are not willing to invest the money and energy that is necessary to adopt this more satisfying and safer alternative.

The ingredients of the liquid mixture that is vaporized are also extremely important in understand what is in an electronic cigarette. The standard mixtures includes varying levels of nicotine, water, flavoring and propylene glycol. Regardless of the quality of manufacturing of your electronic cigarette, making sure that your liquid mixture is pure is absolutely essential. If any part of this combination if contaminated, not only will your e cigarette experience not be satisfactory, but there is also potential for harm from contaminants. Quality control is an extremely important element in ensuring that consumers are receiving the best alternative to traditional tobacco. Unfortunately, cheap ingredients that are easily contaminated and non-existent quality control practices have threatened to completely undermine all of the good that this industry has done. The only true way to prevent consumers from being exposed to poor product and its contaminants is through technological advances, such as ceramics, inorganic fibers and vegetable glycol.

Electronic cigarettes can only be trusted as far as the company that manufactured them. Manye cigarette companies have done nothing but cut research and development and quality control down to a bare minimum in order to further pad their profit margins. This does nothing but put the consumer at risk due to the fact that an inferior product will be distributed.
You, as a consumer, must take the quality of your electronic cigarette into your own hands.

There are many electronic cigarette companies who, if they do a quality control test at all, will only test the product once before it hits the shelves. This is not an acceptable level of accountability for a consumable. The manufacturing process should not be the first item on the chopping block when it comes to cutting corners. In fact, it should NEVER be on the chopping block. If the goal of the electronic cigarette industry is to improve lives, then it is the responsibility of every e cigarette company to make sure that manufacturing practices are trustworthy and produce quality products.
Sadly enough, this is not always the case. You must choose an electronic cigarette company that has spared no expense when it comes to ensuring that the most advanced quality control measures are in place.