ILA <3: Why We Love RDA Atomizers With The Grind E-Juice

There’s a real reason why the name of this website is I Love Atomizers. It’s because atomizers are the heating element that vaporize the e-liquids we enjoy. An e-liquid that we are really enjoying over here at ILA headquarters is The Grind E Juice.

We work really hard here building and selling atomizers, and we are vaping most of the time we’re doing it. I think that’s why The Grind e-liquid line resonates with us so much. Here is an excerpt from The Grind e-liquids website:

The Grind e-liquids are for the early risers, the hard workers, the dreamers. Those who grind everyday for what they want and aren’t willing to settle for less. And with hard work comes delicious perks!

This line was really the hook that reeled me in to try to their Cappuccino e-juice and I was not disappointed. I taste exactly like a creamy cappuccino!  If you haven’t figured it out yet, The Grind e-liquids are coffee flavored.. They are for people who love the taste of coffee, and work hard, and most of us here fall into that category.

So after trying the Cappuccino e-juice I was hooked and had to try the rest of their flavors. Next up was Caramel Macchiato. I have to say this was my favorite. The taste of bold espresso mixed with sweet caramel and hints of full bodied cream literally helped me vape all day. Oddly enough, even though there is no caffeine in these e-liquids, it’s almost like the taste of coffee gives you a mental boost. Maybe your body thinks because it’s tasting coffee that it is also getting caffeine, and maybe that triggers another physiological thing in your body that releases energy. Or maybe it’s just me … but I really like this e-liquid.

Caramel Macchiato from The Grind
Caramel Macchiato from The Grind

Next up in the line that I tried is Mochaccino. I’m not a huge chocolate lover but this one was a huge hit at the office. The mix between espresso coffee, chocolate and cream is indulgent. If you love the taste of both coffee and chocolate, this e-juice is definitely a winner.

The Grind don’t stop just yet! The Vanilla Latte flavor solidified this brand in my eyes as a true winner. I’ve never tried an e-liquid brand that nails each flavor in their line so well to what the flavor actually taste like when you’re eating or drinking the same thing. You really taste a vanilla latte every time you inhale this stuff. I don’t know how they accomplished this, it really is an amazing feat.

Overall, ILA is giving The Grind E-Liquids a 9.2/10. The attention to detail on flavors, the mimicking of flavors to the real beverage, the branding to the cloud production are all 10 out of 10. The only reason for the lower score is the limitations of coffee flavored e-juice, because it doesn’t have caffeine in it. However the nicotine does simulate a similar effect if you buy 3mg or up.

Now what type of ILA post would this be without a note on atomizers? As you know, there are different types of atomizers, like coilheads, RDA’s, RTAs/RDTAs, and RBA’s.

Just for those who don’t know, RDA’s are Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers, also known as drippers. These atomizers are made from custom built coils, and provide the most intense flavor from the e-liquid that you can get. You have to build them on your own, so you really need to know what you’re doing, and you need to re-drip e-juice on the coils every few puffs.

We love RDA atomizer for The Grind e-liquids

For The Grind e-juice, this type of coil is perfect, because you get to taste the amplified coffee flavors with a nice rush of nicotine.