Forget About Smoking With E-Cigarettes

The world has certainly changed in the last fifty or so years. The United States alone has gone from being a smoke friendly country where smoking was just a norm, and was such a common thing to do that you could light up in a movie theatre as you watched “Casablanca”, to women being prescribed cigarettes for weight loss, to combat fatigue, and other ailments. Now in the United States, it’s hard to even find a piece of a sidewalk where smoking is allowed, and even if it is, most smokers feel conscientious if they smoke, as many will walk past with a look of disgust on their face.

Of course, as technology, science, and the medical world grew, those in the medical profession began to discover that smoking tobacco cigarettes was not a healthy choice, and in fact that the problems cigarettes caused were far greater than the few good things cigarettes led to. It seemed it was only an amount of time before smoking was completely banned and look down upon, not only because it was unhealthy for the smoker, but it was also unhealthy for the people that were around the smoker, breathing in the second hand smoke.

Within just the last few years, new laws swept the country banning the act of smoking cigarettes in more public places.

Fortunately for smokers, technology continued to evolve, and the answer to every smoker’s problem came in the form of well’.a cigarette. But not just any cigarette, it came in the form of E-cigarettes, short for electronic cigarettes. Technology figured out how to make a small invention that looked, felt, and functioned almost identically to a real tobacco cigarette, without the problem of second hand smoke.

E-cigarettes quickly became the go-to for smokers who wanted to smoke in public places, as even though they supply nicotine and are available in different flavors and strengths, they don’t give off second hand smoke, only water vapor that comes from an atomizer inside the e-cigarettes, and the e-cigarettes are powered by batteries. E-cigarettes even benefit the smoker, as they’re safer because carcinogens are absent and all the other chemicals in tobacco cigarettes are eliminated. They’re so much safer that even the cartridges needed to smoke them are called E-Health cartridges. Now a smoker just needs E-Juice and E-Health Cartridges to smoke or ‘vape’ as it’s sometimes called, in a much safer way.